Dreams in other cultures

In American culture today dreams are interpreted differently often based on the views of different psychologists with theories of their own. Opinions on dreams also vary between cultures. People from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome all had their own cultural opinions on dreams. Egyptians looked at their dreams as messages from the gods particularly the dreams of the pharaohs. With the ancient Greeks there were two different philosophers of the time, Aristotle and Hippocrates. Aristotle believed that people were “achieving pure wisdom” during their sleep. Often times big decisions were based off of dreams. Dreams impacted their military decisions and even some prophecies. The other philosopher of their time was Hippocrates and he believed that dreams indicated mental health. He did not think that they  came from any sort of divine power but just from human thought. Then there were the Romans who based their ideas off those of the Greeks. It was said that  Augustus Cesar believed so greatly in the power of dreams that he would make anyone in the village that had a dream about the empire talk about it the their town’s market. In addition the Roman’s believed that dreams came from our minds and experiences and not from the gods. Overall dream interpretation have been looked at through many generations, their are a lot of good theories but they still have yet to be proven as a whole.

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Source: A blog- http://blog.snoozester.com/history-and-meaning-of-dreams-in-ancient-cultures/


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